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James Cody & Sons have a substantial client base in the collection of Debt. We provide and our experienced solicitors will guide you through the recovery process through enforcement in all courts and jurisdictions.

If you wish to engage James Cody & Sons to act in the recovery of debt please complete the instruction sheet and return to us by submitting it electronically or by contact us. Any instructions received electronically will be responded to by email confirming your instructions. James Cody & Sons reserve the right to refuse to act on any parties behalf. No instructions shall be accepted until you receive an email confirming the Firm’s ability to act on your behalf.

To discuss any aspect of our Debt Collection Services or to speak with one of our experienced Carlow or Bagenalstown based solicitors, please contact us.

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Business Status: Sole trader
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Debtor's Business Status: Sole trader
LTD Company
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Date debt fell due for repayment:
Nature of Debt: Goods supplied
Services rendered

How did the debt arise? Unpaid invoices
Dishonoured written contracts
Dishonoured Verbal Contracts
Dishonoured cheques
Date the debt arose:
Does the Debtor have the ability to pay? Yes

Debt Status: Disputed
Has any other Solicitor/Agency tried to recover this debt?
Are there Guarantees for this debt? Yes
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Any other relevant information:
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